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Session Title
Feed, Tag, Research: Remixing for School Library 2.5

Session Description
School librarians are leading learning and instructional change. Discover how we are re-visioning reading, research, and "library" for 21st-century students on the Read/Write Web.

Theme and Strand
Technology Infrastructure:Library/Media Centers

Web 2.0, library, librarians, information fluency, virtual libraries

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Commercial Content

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Curriculum Specialists
Library Media Specialists
Technology Coordinators
Technology Integration Specialists

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1- 5



Proposal Summary

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Purpose & Objectives
Our school libraries are challenging, exciting, information and communication spaces, supporting the construction of knowledge. With many voices, we have one message - school librarians are agents of change!
Libraries provide equity. All learners deserve 21st century librarians and 21st century library programs.
But what does the Read/Write Web really mean for school libraries? As we create new conversations, connections, new possibilities for academic discourse, and new 2.0 learning communities, we open the door to a better school library future--one that embraces students' digital identities and their multi-modal minds.

This session--aimed at librarians, as well as their classroom teacher partners and administrators--demonstrates the urgency of finding, choosing, using, and embracing rich and immersive, library-powered learning experiences for all students, and the critical need to develop information fluency in all of our young citizens. It explores the tools--blogs, wikis, podcasts, shared digital video, digital storytelling, and many others-- that transform school libraries into vibrant entryways to the Web 2.5 world. It shares new models for collaboration.

Librarians: Whether you've been tech savvy for years or are just venturing into the cyber community, regardless of the tools and applications available in your facility, you will recognize yourself in this diverse panel of teacher/librarians.

Classroom teachers and administrators: Learn about the exciting partnerships now possible with your colleagues in emerging library landscapes.

Each panelist, a fresh, outspoken, and successful voice in the teacher-librarian world, will describe his or her vision for best practice, as well as the specific, replicable learning strategies these practitioners use to lead their school communities in new interactive and media-rich information and communication landscapes.


Joyce Valenza: Introduction and expectations for the 2.0 and 2.5 school library. What type of partner should classroom teachers and administrators find in their school librarians? (7 minutes)

Cathy Nelson: streamlining your own professional development; introducing the cool tools at school. (7 minutes)

Carolyn Foote: role in supporting your administrators and campus vision with web 2.0 tools--grappling with problems/obstacles, access (7 minutes)

Anita Beaman: New techologies for an old past-time: using 2.0 technology to promote pleasure reading (7 minutes)

Diane Cordell: Easy pieces: introducing technology one step, one learner, at a time; catch them wherever/whenever you can - administrators, teachers, students; becoming comfortable with technology: it's never too late (7 minutes)

Judy O'Connell: Learning is a global multi-modal conversation, and it is [r]evolutionary .... really! (7 minutes)

Kim Cofino: (Presenting remotely) An international perspective on school libraries (7 minutes)

Questions and answers (11 minutes)