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Panel Picture: Cathy, Diane, Judy, Anita, Joyce (Was Carolyn taking the pic?)
Group Photo: Front row, left to right: Carolyn Foote, Joyce Valenza, Diane Cordell, Judy O'Connell; back rwo, left-right: Anita Beaman, Cathy Nelson

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The whole presentation (updated 7/5/08):

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  • Links referenced
  • Blog--Not So Distant Future
  • Tools for administrators
  • Five Things You Want Administrator to Know (Barbara Jansen, Marla McGee).
  • Articles
    • Bell, Steven J. "Design Thinking." American Libraries. January/February 2008.
    • Dowell, David R. "The 'i' in Libraries." American Libraries. January/February 2008.
    • Logan, Debra Kay. "Putting Students First." American Libraries. January/February 2008.
  • Books
    • Carlson, Curtis R and William W. Wilmot. Innovation: Five Disciplines for Creating What Customers Want.
    • Fried, Robert. The Passionate Learner. and The Passionate Teacher.
    • Gelb, Michael. How To Think Like Leonardo da Vinci.
    • Jansen, Barbara and Marla McGee. The Principal's Guide to a Powerful Library Media Program.
    • Hughes-Hassel, Sandra and Violet Harada. Reform and the School Library Media Specialist.
    • Pink, Daniel. Whole New Mind.

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**Reading 2.0** - all the instructions and how-to's you need

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Heyjude Judy's Blog
Information Literacy meets Library 2.0 Buy the book!
Judy's Web 2.0 notes for those new to Web 2.0
Find free images online!
Free public domain images
OZNZ Educators
Second Classroom
The Horizon Project
What does LibX do?
LIbX explained by Kathryn Greenhill
LibX toolbar for Harvard

Murdoch University Library Toolbar (LibX Murdoch)

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Always Learning, Kim's Blog
ISB21 Wiki